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SPALL gym weightlifting glove Beginners, Experienced, Inexperienced, Athletes, and Competitors, Men & Women All experience the benefits of our gym gloves. Silicone Rubber built in the palm and thumbs provide you the best grip, cushioning and effectively prevent from the injury. Good buffer against rubbing can also effectively protect your hands from being worn out and calluses. Great helper in long-term riding, no pain when holding the bike grip. Easy to put on or pull off the gloves. Made of sweat-absorbent microfiber fabric, this gym gloves keeps your palm cool and dry after hours of intense cross fit, workouts, Meanwhile Breathable pores on the back of these weightlifting gloves enable heat and moisture to escape fast. There is a layer of silicone pad on the gloves which can prevent slipping, increase gripping force and protect your hands from wear and long cocoons. Hoop & Loop Design :Flexible adjustment of the tightness of the wrist, Not easy to fall off during sport and cycling. Stop Making Excuses and Become the Best Version of Yourself! These professional gym gloves are a must-have for every man and woman who doesn’t give up when it comes to well-established fitness goals. Our gloves are designed to offer comfort, breathability, and increased performance, so you can achieve new milestones with every training and build that strong body everyone will envy. The gloves ensure a strong grip for more control and stability, which makes them suitable for powerlifting, weightlifting, cycling, fitness, and more.

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  • Breathable Material: The gloves is made of advanced mesh hole breathable fabric, It can wick perspiration, quickly dissipates heat and moisture from the hands and keeps the palms cool and dry .The hollow design on the back is refreshing and not stuffy, making the riding comfortable
  • Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip: There is a layer of microfiber silicone anti-skid pad which can buffer the impact of sport apparatus and set you free from calluses and blisters, prevent slipping, increase gripping force and protect your hands from wear and long cocoons and strengthen cushioning, shock absorption and anti-skid .It provides reliable stability in a wide range of motion and large grip control
  • Easy to wear: The gloves wrist adopts adjustable wrist velcro to maintain good stability during exercise.The pull ring on the middle finger and ring finger is used for quickly removing the gloves. Both are convenient fashionable, lightweight and flexible. It can help isolating hard sports equipment and improve sports comfort
  • The other one is real leather palm. They can protection your hand and firm grip the Fitness equipment. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable during gym.
  • Great Workout Gloves: It Is Suitable For Weight Lifting, Pull Ups, Exercise, Fitness, Gym Training, Power Training And General Workouts For Men, Women, Adult And Youth.



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